The Top States to Drive Through on Your Next U.S. Roadtrip

The cross-country road trip is one of America’s greatest traditions, and it seems like it’s being embraced today more than ever before. But with a country as tremendous and full of things to see as the US is, it can be hard to figure out where to even begin planning your trip!

If you’re looking to plot out your great American road trip, then you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a list of the best states for you to include on your itinerary. Find the ones that speak to you. Make sure to leave some room for spontaneity!

Oh, and be prepared to pay a visit to somewhere like The Institute of Natural Health when all is said and done. US road trips may be a ton of fun, but they will certainly leave some bags under your eyes!


Driving through California is a full-on road trip all on its own. The Golden State takes up a majority of the West Coast, and it offers some of the most spectacular views in all of America.

In California, you’ll find amazing ocean views, verdant forests, beautiful coastal towns, and the occasional major metropolitan area.

And once you’ve passed through redwood country and into Southern California, you’ll have an opportunity to take a ride down the incredible Pacific Coast Highway. This coastal route is quite possibly the most beautiful drive this country has to offer.


A closely related scenic coastal drive can be found just north of the California border in beautiful Oregon. Highway 101 is the route that runs all of the way down the West Coast and eventually becomes the Pacific Coast Highway.

Similar to that storied road, Highway 101 offers some of the most eye-popping views of the mighty shining seas that flank this country. Keep an eye out for breaching whales!

North Carolina

There’s a ton of natural beauty to take in from the roadways found out west, but North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway compares favorably to just about any one of them. It contains hundreds of miles of gorgeous mountain scenery dotted with incredible hiking trails and lovely towns to stop off in for a night’s rest or a good meal.

Don’t underestimate this incredible route!


Taking in America’s lush green forests and majestic purple mountains will never get old, but changing things up a bit definitely can’t hurt, either! Traversing the great red deserts of Utah will have you feeling like you’ve landed on an alien world.

Try the ride from Moab up to Telluride, Colorado (which is another state that deserves consideration for your next road trip route).

Planning Out Your Next Road Trip

Unfurling that map and beginning to plot your American road trip can be pretty overwhelming, but don’t forget that all that planning and dreaming is a big part of the joy. We hope this little guide helps you along your way!

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