The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him & Her

One of my favorite ways to show love is by giving gifts! With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, many are stumbling around wondering what they can get from the special humans in their lives. the LA Girl The official Valentine’s Day gift guide It will help reduce shopping time and allow you to maximize your time together!

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Need something sweet for the wonderful lady in your life? Can’t figure out how to show how much you love (or like) them? Here are the best gifts any girlfriend, mother or boyfriend would want for Valentine’s Day!

1. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

Mmm… lilies, roses and soft musk. Perfume is a romantic gift for all women. Give her an elegant scent to make your dream girl smell dreamy!

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

2. Subscribe to luxury accessories

If she’s the type of woman who never knows what to wear and says “she has no clothes” with a closet full of unworn outfits and accessories… look no further. The premium accessory subscription service might be perfect gift for her! With Vivrelle, she can experience the luxury of borrowing designer accessories and handbags to help her find the right fit for every unique event! Use our referral code ErikaDeLaCruz Skip the queue and become part of the exclusive Vivrelle Club. Your clothes will scream LA Girl!

3. Gargana jewelry

Gorgana has the finest jewelry at very reasonable prices! If you want to give your girl a few new touches, we highly recommend stopping by Gorjana on Santa Monica Blvd and checking out gold hoops, layer sets, and more. They have some unique options, including birthstones and fine jewelry. Get your initials engraved into her new necklace or ring to make sure everyone knows she picked the #!

4. Love Letters Candle

Homesick Love Letters Candle is the BEST Scented Candle…EVER! Candles are a great Valentine’s Day gift because your special someone will be reminded of each time they are lit. This is the perfect touch to create a romantic vibe at your next dinner date at home!

love letters candle

love letters candle

5. Romantic wine tasting experience

There is no better gift than an experience you can do with the one you love. Whether you save this activity for your next date night or use it as a Valentine’s Day activity, this is a gift you won’t forget *insert your nickname*. Wine tastings are a romantic idea of ​​a date, filled with rich wines and sharp cheeses. Check out our 10 amazing Los Angeles wine tasting articles to find the perfect spot to sip on your friend!

6. What I love about filling the book

Ooooh, that makes me blush If you’re looking for the most practical, most romantic and real gift, this is it! A handwritten book filled with everything you love about that special woman in your life will absolutely make her fall in love. You’ll be smiling nonstop all night long after reading that first page! This gift costs just under $10, but watching the women you love to read will be too Priceless!

love Book

for him

as a woman, I’m having a hard time figuring out the best gift to buy a man…but men are simpler than we think. Follow us to find the most beautiful gift that will show your man how much you love her!

1. Versace Eros Cologne

This cologne is one of our FAVS! It’s a sexy, spicy scent inside an artistic blue bottle. If you want to make sure he smells great from head to toe, Versace Eros is the gift for him.

Eros Versace

2. Personalized whiskey decanter set

For your drinking man, this custom whiskey pot set will be a fun touch to your bar cart. This set can be customized any way you like and is sure to make your man feel loved. cheers!

whiskey set

3. Beer subscription

If your guy enjoys craft beer and wants to try new unique flavours, a craft beer subscription from Craft Beer Club or Craft Beer Kings would be a great Valentine’s Day gift. This subscription will give him a chance to find a go-to beer after trying drinks from all over the country.

4. Experience – Couples Cooking Lesson

Whether your man is your go-to chef or just needs a little extra help in the kitchen, a cooking class is a great experience for the two of you together. Los Angeles has some of the most fun cooking classes for couples! is a great website to help you navigate to find the cooking class that works best for you both. Learn how to make sushi, make pasta from scratch, or prepare your favorite Mexican meals…this Valentine’s Day gift will surely keep your stomach and heart full!

Someone who makes spaghetti

5. Men’s grooming tools

Manscaped All-in-One Men Grooming Kit is everything your man needs to help him get the perfect shave after a long week. This is something men desperately need but most likely won’t buy on their own. Help him find his confidence and look as handsome as ever!

groom kit

6. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Robe

I know my man likes some things in this world; Sports, food and me (Duh!). This plush robe will allow your loved one to snuggle and snuggle while they watch their favorite teams play on TV. Your man will relax in his Polo Ralph Lauren Robe; You might even get some peace and quiet during Sunday Football!


Polo Ralph Lauren Rob

college gifts:

do not worry. We’re not quite done! Let the gift ideas continue… If you are looking for a sweet gift for your friends, boss, loved ones or even your neighbors, then this gift guide will be the right choice for you. Here are two gift ideas for anyone you know and love!

1. Custom Carnaby & Vine Gift Boxes

We are very excited about this! Carnaby & Vine has the best boutique gift boxes for anyone on your shopping list. It’s a female-founded Los Angeles-based company that has curated custom gift boxes filled with flowers, candles, skincare products, and more! They know that finding the “perfect” gift can be impossible. Hence, they have pre-formatted gifts online or the option to design your own gifts based on the passion of your loved one. With Valentine’s Day upon us, visit Carnaby & Vine to unwind from the stressful “day before V-day” shopping spree.

Gift box “How do you like”

2. Gift Card Dollars

Gift cards are a convenient and thoughtful gift! There are many different options for gifting dollars, giving you the ability to find optimum Based on your person’s interests. to me Disney fans In your lifetime, any amount of Disney dollars can be spent at the store, theme parks, and other applicable locations. to me fanatic movie Friend of yours, movie dollars is a must! (Don’t forget the popcorn!) shopanista . sister I’ll love a retail therapy gift card, the list goes on… Wrap up your shopping trip a little faster this year by choosing personalized gift cards for the ones you love.

wrapped gift box

Just a reminder that no matter what gifts you give or receive on Valentine’s Day, it’s a gift He thinks this is important more! Your favorite gift will be the quality time spent with your loved ones (this is all just a plus!).

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