5 Tips To Prioritize Work Life Balance and Mental Health Care

Achieving a healthy work-life balance has always been difficult, but let’s face it, the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the age-old challenge of immensely setting boundaries. The data seems to agree: the pandemic has resulted in a massive decline in mental health, with 53% of Americans feeling that their mental health was negatively impacted. And among … Read more

Top 4 Work From Home Writing Jobs for Beginners

There’s no question that when it comes to work-from-home jobs, writing tops the list. Becoming a remote writer doesn’t require special skills, a degree, or expensive equipment. Even today, with algorithms and chat bots, most online content is written by a human being. Of course, there’s also a lot of competition. As just one example, … Read more

Pre Work Related Anxiety Advice and Tips

Are you tired of living for the weekend? While the weekend is often understandably described as the best two days of the week, many working professionals, however, are being robbed of this pleasure by their own anxieties. Some call this phenomenon the Sunday Scaries, and The Atlantic describes it as ”late-weekend malaise.” Some folks find … Read more

Useful Tech Hacks That Make Remote Work More Effective

All too often, remote workers leave themselves open to distractions and inefficiencies, whether it’s getting stuck in low-quality conference calls or neglecting to use the right tools to make their work easier. In this article, you will discover some helpful tech hacks and tips and offer a few tips to help you get the most … Read more

How To Rebound When You Lose Confidence At Work

Losing your self-confidence can feel like losing a friend. I’m not talking about chronic low self-esteem. I’m talking about a single event or series of events that shatters your confidence and leaves you wondering if you’ll ever get it back. It can happen anywhere –– losing an “easy” tennis match or misreading a relationship. Afterward, … Read more

An Easy Guide To Understanding How Drug Tests Work

In today’s society, drug use is a prevalent issue. In the workplace, it causes great problems for employers as they try to maintain a safe and productive work environment. In order to stay competitive in this tough economy, employees need to be able to make rational decisions about their actions at work. So, if you … Read more

How To Get A Promotion At Work During Lockdown

The rules seemed so much easier back at the office. Face time with the boss seemed more meaningful than FaceTime with the boss. For anyone naturally charming or charismatic, getting noticed meant asking your boss about a golf game or complimenting a new pair of shoes. It’s different now. Casual conversation and even feckless flattery … Read more