How To Prepare For A Good Marriage During Your Wedding Planning Process

You’ve dated, fallen in love, gotten engaged, and meticulously planned for the “big day.” However, in the excitement of picking out the dress, the cake, the first dance song and everything needed to make your wedding day perfect, you, like many brides and grooms, might have failed to think about the next five, ten, twenty, … Read more

8 Simple Tips To Make Your Wedding Day Wonderful

The bride-to-be can benefit from some wedding planning advice that takes into account the anxiety that wells up from engagement to marriage. Planning for your wedding can be overwhelming and it’s easy to get anxious when you think about all the moving parts required to make that one day a spectacular event. Anxiety over your … Read more

Wedding Planners Reveal Secrets They Always Share With Their Clients –

Wedding planners are people who help you plan your wedding in a way that will make your day special and memorable. Their main goal is to see the couple happy and satisfied. They are experts at everything from budgeting and organizing the guest list to arranging the decor and flowers. If you don’t have enough … Read more

Get Wedding Ready With Diet Direct WonderSlim Meals

Sharing means caring! I started the new year with engagement! After sharing the great news about wedding planning with friends and family, I quickly realized that I had gained a few pounds during the holiday season. I have over a year before my wedding but I wanted to get started! With all that said, here … Read more