The M65 Field Jacket: Your Spring Style Secret Weapon – How to Wear + Picks

Modern field jackets inspired by the 60 year old military original. I’m not sure how it works around the rest of the country, but in Pennsylvania, this is the time of year when the weather has an identity crisis. Two days ago it was thirty-three degrees and snowing; Yesterday it was fifty degrees, and today … Read more

I Wear Black To My Friends’ Weddings So I Can Mourn For The Bride

A few months ago, my girlfriend Zoe called to announce her engagement. Somehow, I dug up some energy and attempted to make my words of congratulations sound authentic. Zoe sighed heavily into the phone. All she asked was for me to promise not to wear black to her wedding. I’m that friend — the woman … Read more

Business Casual in Winter for Men: Wear This Outfit Idea

Work ready. This is a sharp, easy winter business casual outfit perfect for the modern office made up of a balance of budget-friendly and investment pieces. It’s not flashy, effortlessly neutral without being boring, thanks to a couple of very specific principles. Not only that, it’s modular, meaning you can strip it back and get … Read more