February Baby Photo Ideas | Valentine’s Baby Photoshoot At Home!

Discover 3 easy and cute February baby photo ideas for a traditional Valentine’s day baby photoshoot at home and a not-so-traditional one! Even better? You can repurpose one of this baby photoshoot ideas for July!! AND I’m sharing simple props, letterboard phrases, and outfits to use! These are part of a larger monthly baby picture … Read more


Love is what makes the world go round. And since Valentine’s day is upon us, many men and women are turning to the web, searching for the best destinations that qualify as the most starry-eyed places in the USA. The United States of America boasts a fair number of towns, cities, and sites decide as … Read more

26 Great Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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10 Incredible Things to Do For Valentine’s Day in LA (2022)

There’s nothing like Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles. Romantic beachfront sunsets, weather warm enough to enjoy a rooftop dinner, and of course all kinds of offbeat Valentine’s Day activities are available to choose from. Here is the LA Girl’s official guide to things to do for Valentine’s Day. 1. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day … Read more

The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him & Her

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3 Perfect Valentines Day Playlists: Single/Taken/In Between

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How to Prepare for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Taking place on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is traditionally the most romantic day of the year with its history dating back to the 3rd-century. Believed to have been named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest that lived in Rome who married soldiers to the women they loved when it was illegal to do … Read more