Looking for Extra Cash? Check Out the Best Side Hustle Apps in 2022

You can find an app for anything these days. So why not find a side hustle app and earn more money? Whether you want to work in your neighborhood or provide services across your city, a relevant side hustle exists. We’ve collected some tips for managing your side jobs, as well as the top apps … Read more

Side Effects You Might Encounter When Prescribed PrEP Medications

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is commonly prescribed to at-risk individuals hoping to lower their likelihood of contracting HIV. This medication is used as a preventative method, reducing the probability of becoming HIV-positive through injection drug use and sexual activity. There are currently a few different medications available, which are available through prescription. Before receiving the medication, participants … Read more

When You Find Yourself On The Wrong Side Of The Law

We all hope that this is something that will never happen to us, or worse still our children or loved ones. But, as laws are changing rapidly, we may well at some point find ourselves on the wrong side of the law without even knowing it, or – well, the opposite of that may be … Read more

How To Make An Extra $1000 A Month: 5 Side Gig Examples

Although people over 65 were more likely to get sick from COVID-19the virus’s economic impact mainly affected younger people. Sure, there have been tons of stories about millennials trading cramped apartments in densely packed cities for large starter homes in rural areas. Most kept their jobs, enjoying paychecks that stretched more than they ever had. … Read more

The Bad Side of Having A Mis-Sold Pension & How to Fix It (2022)

Sharing is caring! If you are getting close to retirement you may start thinking about transferring your pension pot to a new scheme. Before you make any changes, you should be aware that many companies try to scam pensioners. Usually by drawing them into schemes by mis-selling final salary pensions. Mis-sold pensions mostly occur as … Read more