How Your Father Affects Your Relationships With Men — For Better Or Worse

If you’re struggling with love or repeating unhealthy patterns in relationships, it would serve you well to explore your specific relationship with perhaps the most influential man in your romantic life — your father. Some of you reading this have been lucky. You’ve had an overall positive relationship with your dad. He was reliable, consistent, … Read more

Underestimated Health Habits You Need to Try in 2022

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12 Ways To Build Healthy Workplace Relationships (2022)

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Waiting for the Ring? See What Happens When You Propose to Your Man

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How to Prepare for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Taking place on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is traditionally the most romantic day of the year with its history dating back to the 3rd-century. Believed to have been named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest that lived in Rome who married soldiers to the women they loved when it was illegal to do … Read more