Exogun Review: Dream Pro vs Mini Pocket [Which is the best massage gun?!]

Wondering what is the best massage therapy gun that’s also affordable? In this Exogun review, I’m comparing the Exogun Dream Pro vs Exogun Pocket massage gun in this review after using both for about a year now. My personal favorite is the Exogun Mini Pocket, which you can get for under $100; but my husband … Read more

Travel Like a Pro with Mark Peacock of TravelCommons

Mark Peacock is the host of the TravelCommons podcast, one of the longest running travel radio shows on the internet. Mark has been a frequent business traveler for more than 30 years. He travels all over the world for high-tech companies and management consultancies. Mark Peacock’s first TravelCommons podcast was recorded in May 2005 in … Read more