Why Lesbian Dating Is More Complicated Than People Realize

Rachel Maddow and Ellen DeGeneres are famous television figures. They are both lesbians. And they are in long-term relationships. In fact, DeGeneres is married to her partner (2008). Their relationships appear to the world as being close to perfect – let’s face it, in these times, even heterosexual relationships and marriages that last this long … Read more

15 Divorced People Reveal The Final Fight That Ended Their Marriages

When you’re young, marriage is a distant, scary and romantic thing that grownups do. When you become a grownup yourself, it seems like the next logical step in any romantic relationship that seems to be relatively free of strife. When two people get married they usually expect to be happily in love, or at least … Read more

Notable Life | Four people to know from Black History in Canada

This year, the Canadian Government’s theme for Black History Month is “February and Forever: celebrating Black History today and every day”. Yes. The history of Black people in Canada cannot be segmented and filed away into the month of February alone. The scale and intensity of the Black experience in the United States often overshadows … Read more

Is Being a Postman a Good Career for Young People?

Working is simply a way of life for many people. We have to provide for ourselves and our families, usually by doing a job that takes up at least 40 hours of our lives each week. And while every job is important to the person doing it, some careers are more rewarding than others are. … Read more