Things You Need to Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a set of medical conditions that affect the behavioral repertoire of an individual. This disorder can be detected in variable severity in age as young as two years old. Numerous researches have concluded the rapid prevalence of autism spectrum disorder. CDC generated one such report in 2021, which revealed that … Read more

Baby Essentials Every Expecting Family Should Have

For first-time parents, purchasing necessary things for their newborn can be quite intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you’re surrounded by “more experienced” people who are constantly preaching about the stuff you MUST have. And then, just like most first-time parents, you end up purchasing every single thing that’s labeled “necessities for the baby” even if, … Read more

Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special with These Fun Tips

As a loving parent, it’s natural to want to make your kid happy on their birthday. On their special day, they will want to feel loved and appreciated by their friends and family. Unfortunately, a significant proportion (44%) of parents in the UK admit that they struggle to afford paying for their kid’s birthdays and … Read more

4 Ways To Make Life Easier As A Single Mom

Motherhood is both the biggest reward and challenge for many women who decide to give birth. They are the first person their child comes into contact with, and they are responsible for their family’s well-being long after their child has grown through adolescence and adulthood. Being a single mom is even tougher because all the … Read more