Notable Life | The New Era of Shopping: How ShopThing Brings Live Shopping to North America

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the world had to adapt to a new way of life. One of these changes includes the shutting down of brick and mortar stores, forcing consumers to turn to online shopping. With this shift, in Canada alone, we saw e-commerce sales more than double year over year, with over a 110 … Read more

Notable Life | The future of hospitality: How Somm has supported the industry throughout the pandemic

Discover how somm™the app that’s putting a sommelier in your pocket and unlocks premium hospitality experienceshas placed a focus on bettering the hospitality industry during the pandemic, a sector that has been forever changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought change to companies and individuals in ways that we will never turn back from. For many … Read more

Notable Life | Crossing The Digital Divide with ARROW AI: A conversation with founder Rolan Reichel

Very few people have as much experience in, or perspective on, digital marketing and advertising as Roland Reichel. He has watched the paid-advertising ecosystem become overwhelmed and begin to fail the entrepreneurs and small businesses that need it the most. As an antidote, Rolan created Arrow AI, a digital content platform which helps businesses be … Read more

Notable Life | In Conversation with Ivy Wong – Founder of Ripple Foundation and Creative Director at Splash Interactive

With an impressive career spanning from philanthropist to entrepreneur to educator and publisher, Ivy Wong is a devoted, guiding force for the next generation. As the owner of Splash Interactive, Ivy has cooperated with Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest advertising agencies since 2001. Ivy taught creative design at Sheridan College, George Brown College, … Read more

Notable Life | A Conversation with Food Bank Canada’s CEO, Neil Hetherington

Spring has arrived and Easter is coming fast! Whether Easter is a religious holiday for you, or just a chance to eat more chocolate and spend time with loved ones, it’s likely that food will be an important part of Easter weekend. However, with disparity in the access to food, putting together a celebratory family … Read more

Notable Life | Getting to know Lisa Zarzeczny, Newly Appointed CEO of Elevate.

Trail blazing is the name of the game for Lisa Zarzeczny. She co-founded the Elevate Tech Festival, which quickly became Canada’s most important event for tech and innovation, establishing a respected global presence. Since, she has been instrumental in evolving Elevate to Canada’s leading tech and social innovation not-for-profit, uniting innovators through training, entrepreneurship programs, … Read more

Notable Life | A Front Row Seat to the Aurora Borealis

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when leaving the country became more of a challenge than a vacation, traveling within Canada became more popular for those looking to get away. Now, even with border restrictions easing, it is still a fantastic idea to explore the we should still take the time to explore and … Read more

Notable Life | Meet Jackie Rhind, Founder of Ovry

Empowered Reproductive Care Products, Prioritizing Equality, Convenience, and Accessibility Gone are the days of shamefully wrapping your pregnancy tests in toilet paper and stuffing them to the bottom of the waste bin, or spending an entire day’s salary on expensive, big box store ovulation test kits. We have officially entered the age of the waste … Read more

Notable Life | 10 Female-Led Startups Making an Impact in Toronto

We should be celebrating powerful women every single day, but in honor of International Women’s Day, Notable Life is spotlighting 10 female-led startups making an impact in Toronto and beyond. This is by no means all of the incredible women-identifying leaders and entrepreneurs in Toronto, rather a small insight into the startup ecosystem. Marie Chevrier … Read more