What’s Up With Kanye? Everything We Know About His Recent Social Media Rant

Everyone knows that divorce can be messy. Everyone also processes emotions differently. Some tend to react in the moment while others take time to process on their own before speaking aloud. Now, if you follow pop culture, you know that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in the midst of a divorce. And it would … Read more

Charles Woodson’s Intercept Wine “Big Game” Media Dinner

Who says beer & football go together better than wine and football? NOT US. And certainly not anyone who was present underneath the stars, celebrating Charles Woodson’s ground breaking wine label Intercept Wines on Wednesday. The blends spoke for themselves during the chicest dinner party to grace LA football week. The evening was filled with … Read more

What I Learned About Positivity in Social Media

Last month, I presented an all-day, in-person multigenerational management session. The training went well, BUT… I wore a pair of adorable almond-toe, skinny-heeled black suede booties. It was the first time I wore heels since — you know what’s coming — March 2020. By the end of the day, my feet were throbbing, my back … Read more