The 8 Best Job Search Tools to Find Your Dream Career

Although the days of flipping through newspapers, highlighting job advertisements are gone, the core elements of the job search haven’t really changed all that much with modern technology. Networking and developing skills are integral parts of finding the right job— and let’s face it, they always have been. Forget about newspaper ads in the 80s, … Read more

TikTok Short Video Resumes Indicate the Job Hunt Is Progressing

TikTok. You know it, I know it. It’s everywhere. But this is no longer just a platform for short videos of dancing or cuddly dogs, the app’s been evolving right under our noses. It has changed to serve the needs of its many viewers, now hosting all sorts of content, from political commentary to educational … Read more

What Does A Remote Job Mean For My Professional Career

COVID-19 has taught us a lot: it’s impossible to overstate the importance of family and friendship, public health should always be a top-priority, and it’s surprisingly easy to misplace your mask. But, for as many lessons that the pandemic imparted, the last year and a half also left us with just as many questions and … Read more

The Top 10 Job Interview Questions To Ask Your Interviewer + 5 Rules for Coming Up with Your Own on the Spot

The toughest and sometimes the most important question at any interview, “Do you have any questions?” “So, do you have any questions for us?” There are few words that can strike more panic into the heart of a job-seeker. Suddenly, the pressure is on you to lead the discussion, and with every passing second the … Read more

3 Basic Steps To Prepare For An Important Job Interview (2022)

Sharing is caring! These days, job applicants in all industries face a huge amount of competition. This can make life very difficult for those who want to secure a job and start earning money or those who are keen to switch careers or progress within their chosen field. When you have a lot of people … Read more

What Job Is Right For Me?

Follow your dreams. Pursue your passions. Cliches like these can be a guidance or a hindrance —– depending upon your perspective. Just remember those oft-repeated nuggets represent the beginning of your journey and not the finish. For me a lifelong interest in history, politics, and other cultures led me to pursue careers in diplomacy and … Read more