Notable Life | Crossing The Digital Divide with ARROW AI: A conversation with founder Rolan Reichel

Very few people have as much experience in, or perspective on, digital marketing and advertising as Roland Reichel. He has watched the paid-advertising ecosystem become overwhelmed and begin to fail the entrepreneurs and small businesses that need it the most. As an antidote, Rolan created Arrow AI, a digital content platform which helps businesses be … Read more

Notable Life | In Conversation with Ivy Wong – Founder of Ripple Foundation and Creative Director at Splash Interactive

With an impressive career spanning from philanthropist to entrepreneur to educator and publisher, Ivy Wong is a devoted, guiding force for the next generation. As the owner of Splash Interactive, Ivy has cooperated with Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest advertising agencies since 2001. Ivy taught creative design at Sheridan College, George Brown College, … Read more

Notable Life | Meet Jackie Rhind, Founder of Ovry

Empowered Reproductive Care Products, Prioritizing Equality, Convenience, and Accessibility Gone are the days of shamefully wrapping your pregnancy tests in toilet paper and stuffing them to the bottom of the waste bin, or spending an entire day’s salary on expensive, big box store ovulation test kits. We have officially entered the age of the waste … Read more


Comfortable, ethically made, AND size inclusive clothing lines? The options are few. Seeing this gap in the market, Allie Duff founded Pure Balanxed – beautiful size inclusive everyday basics and loungewear that are sustainably and ethically made in Canada. What inspired the concept for Pure Balanxed? Pure Balanxed really was a dream come reality. In … Read more

Fearless Friday No. 36 – Susannah, sustainable travel blogger, founder of Curiosity Saves

Name: Susanna (Sooz) Pronoun(s): She/Her Nationality: United States Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska Current location: Munich, Germany Occupation: MSc Student and Founder of Curiosity Saves Meet Sooz Hiking among glaciers in Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway. I love hiking while traveling and seeing things from a bird’s eye view. Small town Alaska is a wonderful place to … Read more