6 Common Legal Difficulties Divorcing Couples Face

Sadly, not every married couple lives ‘happily ever after.’ Whilst it can be for various different reasons, many people end up getting divorced. This can be a difficult process emotionally, mentally, financially, and legally. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 of the most common legal difficulties divorcing couples face. 1. Restricted Stock Units Restricted stock … Read more

Ask the Experts – Skin Innovations and Augmentations: A Conversation with Dr. Waqqas Jalil and Dr. Ron Somogyi from FORM Face + Body

We all know the New Year is often the time for resolutions – big and small. Due to the increase in our ability to work from home, there’s been a spike in virtual spaces such as Google hangouts, Zoom meetings and FaceTime. Never before have we spent so much time consistently scrutinizing our own image … Read more