8 Easy Steps To Help You Overcome Your Fears & Anxiety (2022)

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How to Combat Gym Anxiety & Feel Confident Working Out –

Sometimes, the hardest part of going to the gym is not lifting barbells for the first time but simply walking through the door. Many aspects of a gym class can be intimidating enough for average people, let alone for those with social anxiety. This condition is characterized by extreme fear in different social settings — … Read more

Pre Work Related Anxiety Advice and Tips

Are you tired of living for the weekend? While the weekend is often understandably described as the best two days of the week, many working professionals, however, are being robbed of this pleasure by their own anxieties. Some call this phenomenon the Sunday Scaries, and The Atlantic describes it as ”late-weekend malaise.” Some folks find … Read more

3 Best Starter Jobs For Someone With Social Anxiety

Last year’s lockdowns and sudden shift to remote work was a boon for introverts. Defined by their need to “recharge” after interacting with others, working from home allowed many to enjoy the productivity and serenity unavailable in a modern open-office landscape. Extroverts, on the other hand, feel energized from social situations. No one knows how … Read more