How to Prepare for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Taking place on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is traditionally the most romantic day of the year with its history dating back to the 3rd-century. Believed to have been named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest that lived in Rome who married soldiers to the women they loved when it was illegal to do … Read more

What Job Is Right For Me?

Follow your dreams. Pursue your passions. Cliches like these can be a guidance or a hindrance —– depending upon your perspective. Just remember those oft-repeated nuggets represent the beginning of your journey and not the finish. For me a lifelong interest in history, politics, and other cultures led me to pursue careers in diplomacy and … Read more

Fearless Friday No. 37 – Jess, VIPKid Teacher Extraordinaire in Strasbourg, France

Name: JessicaPronoun(s): she / sheNationality: AmericanHometown: ChicagolandCurrent location: Strasbourg, FranceOccupation: Teacher of English as a second language meet jess Hello! My name is Jess and I am 27 years old. Three days after graduating from university, I boarded a plane to Greece and I’ve been in Europe ever since…that was over five years ago now. … Read more

Everything You Need to Know to Build Your Dream Home Office –

Over the last couple of years, working from home has become the norm for many. As a result, thousands of people have been busy setting up their home office. A home office is a difficult balance between functionality, comfort, and professionalism. So follow this ultimate guide to build your own dream home office. Printing One … Read more

Ask the Experts – Skin Innovations and Augmentations: A Conversation with Dr. Waqqas Jalil and Dr. Ron Somogyi from FORM Face + Body

We all know the New Year is often the time for resolutions – big and small. Due to the increase in our ability to work from home, there’s been a spike in virtual spaces such as Google hangouts, Zoom meetings and FaceTime. Never before have we spent so much time consistently scrutinizing our own image … Read more