Is This The Best Neck Massager For Quick Pain Relief? (2022)

Here’s How RelaxUltima Works

If you want to start this neck massage machine, then charge your RelaxUltima using the USB charger included in the box.

Once it’s charged, power it on with the power button on the device. Wet your neck, then put the device on your neck as you would a wet towel. Trust me, it’s among those neck massagers that really work!

When this electric neck massager is on, hit the heat button, then select the mode of massage you’d like. Once you choose your mode, select the intensity and you are off to the races! Still wondering what’s the best neck massager?

My Experience With RelaxUltima

Are neck massagers good for you? Do neck massagers work? For my experiment with the RelaxUltima massagerI made a point to use it twice a day every day for two weeks.

I wanted to go with the RelaxUltima as opposed to percussive massagers like a massage gun and other handheld massagers since I learned that using these kinds of massagers on your neck can not only be a bad idea, but can be deadly! So for you to understand how to use neck massager, I wrote this blog.

Are electric neck massagers safe? Using a manual massager gun on your neck can cause a carotid dissection which is a tear in the carotid artery. And this could ultimately lead to a stroke. So, if you are looking for a decent neck massage the RelaxUltima is the route to go for sure.

Now the question is are electric massagers effective and do electric massagers work? I thought I’d use it twice a day for a week, once at work when my neck was sore in the afternoons, then again at night to help me get ready for bed.

I now use this thing daily. Around 3:00 pm every day when I am feeling my most stressed and tired from work, I just put it on and let the magic happen. I would feel my neck relax almost instantly, but it feels so good you don’t want to take the thing off!

I get a lot of bad headache due to severe migraine issue. Surprisingly, my migraine pain got relief after I started using RelaxUltima. It’s the best neck massager for migraines.

I had no idea that I was carrying so much tension in my neck. And could not believe how much of a difference those little 15 minutes made.

I made sure to wet my neck each time to get the full effect. And it seriously felt so good, I was tempted to leave the thing on all day.

However, the instructions say to only wear this neck vibrator for 30 minutes a day. So, I typically take it off and save my second round before bedtime.

Close Observation About RelaxUltima

Something I noticed about using the neck messenger before bed is that it did a tremendous job of allowing me to relax before I go to sleep. It’s a great therapeutic neck massager. I don’t know about you, but as soon as my head hits the pillow, it’s like an alarm clock for my brain to start thinking about everything under the sun.

But when I use the RelaxUltima before bed, it somehow gets me to relax enough to just go to sleep.

Pros of using RelaxUltima

Inexpensive compared to getting massages regularly

Getting a full-body massage is where it’s at. But they are kind of expensive and the idea of ​​getting one right now in the midst of a pandemic gives me a bit of pause. So it’s nice having something to help you relax your neck. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand how to use a handheld massager. However, RelaxUltima is super easy to use at it’s given price!


The device hits you in just the right trigger points in your neck to help you relax and soothe sore muscles in your neck.

Charge lasts a long time

I’ve had this device for about a month and have charged it only twice since I’ve had it. The charge lasts an incredibly long time.

Cons of using RelaxUltima

It’s only for your neck

While I enjoy my time using this massager, I cannot help but want a massage chair or something to get the rest of my back and muscles. If you are sore in places other than your neck, this device can’t help you in that regard.

15 minutes just do not feel like enough

Don’t get me wrong the 15 minutes of the message are pure heaven. But I definitely crave more of it. You are only supposed to use the device for 30 minutes a day tops, so you definitely have to make sure not to get carried away and use it longer which can be tough!

No carrying case for it

This is a small item, but I wish it had a carrying case. I’ve grown attached to my little device. And it would be nice to easily carry it about without worrying it during travel, unlike any other massage ball.

Customer Reviews Of RelaxUltima

Even with the cons above, I would definitely still recommend using the RelaxUltima because it is heavenly and has made a huge improvement for my shoulders and neck pain. I can now sleep better at night.

Customers often ask which neck massager is best, what is the best vibrating massager? If you want even more Relax Ultima reviews I have you covered! Check out a few great ones below.

How To Buy The RelaxUltima

You can’t find this electric neck massager on Amazon, but you can find it on their website here to ease up your muscle tension.

RelaxUltima Neck Massager

RelaxUltima is an electric tens neck massager that offers pain relief in your neck muscles.

It uses TENs technology to send gentle electric impulses that go deep below the skin. And this allows for quite the deep tissue massage.

I would definitely still recommend using the RelaxUltima because it is heavenly and has made a huge improvement in my sleeping better at night.

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RelaxUltima Neck Massager

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