How To Make Ends Meet While Waiting for Accident Compensation?

Dealing with the results of sustained injuries in accidents is a harsh reality for millions of people in the US alone. They often find themselves caught up in the event’s consequences, leading to measurable economic losses. For instance, many people have to deal with healthcare bills that continue to pile up on top of all the responsibilities they cannot attend to for a while.

That’s where injury settlements come into play, along with their purpose of giving a helping hand to the accident victims who are trying to recover and get back on their feet. Unfortunately, the money that’s supposed to compensate for the accident and sustained injuries usually doesn’t arrive quickly enough to serve its purpose.

In many cases, it can take months until the money comes through. But in the meantime, the victims don’t get a break from their daily expenses and responsibilities or the lengthy hospital bills. Without the money from the settlement, getting their lives back on track after an accident can prove to be a real challenge. Luckily, there are some temporary fixes.

Here’s how you can take care of yourself and your family while waiting for accident compensation.

Take Out a Pre-settlement Loan

Pre-settlement funding can give you access to money before a case is settled so that you can pay for expenses mounting during the legal process. Pre-settlement loans are also a great way to deal with the unexpected costs of being unable to work right away after an accident or injury. They can prove to be a tremendous help to people who struggle financially while waiting for a settlement they’re owed.

Once your settlement case is in court, you can take out the pre-settlement loan that can serve as an aid when you’re trying to get your daily life back on track. You can use it to settle hospital bills, pay for your daily expenses, or sort out other financial responsibilities. If you’d like to learn more about pre-settlement loans, you can head to and read more on this subject.

Ask For Help From Family and Friends

If you’re unable to pay for groceries, utility bills, and other basic necessities on time because of the injuries sustained in the accident and the subsequent loss of income, don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and family. In most cases, they will be more than willing to pitch in and support you.

Some people in your life might be reluctant to lend you money, which is understandable. In such cases, you can try to assure them that it’s not a charity and you’re just looking for a temporary solution while waiting for your settlement. If you need to convince them that you’re going to refund the money, show them proof of your pending settlements or case in court.

While it’s not easy to ask others for such help, you’ll never know whether someone can assist you until you talk to them. There are plenty of thoughtful ways in which you can approach other people for a loan.

Take a Closer Look at Your Health Insurance

If you’ve been conscientiously stashing away money into some health insurance policies, it might be time to get back to them. In general, their purpose is to help you if you’re ever burdened with health complications you’re unable to deal with on your own. So, in the event when you find yourself short on money that you need to make ends meet, and you’re still waiting for your accident compensation, it might be in good sense to look into your insurance packages.

To do so, you’ll need to speak with your health insurance agent. They’ll be the person to help you figure out whether the policies you once purchased can cover the types of injuries you’ve sustained or the health consequences you’re dealing with after the accident.

Speak With a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer can not only use their knowledge and experience to ensure you win your injury lawsuit, but they can also prove helpful when you’re trying to solve your immediate funding needs. Most of these attorneys have been in the business for a long time and have seen plenty of cases similar to yours. Because of that, the reality that you’ve suddenly been faced with after sustaining an injury is nothing new to them.

Therefore, you can try to be open with your attorney about the money problems that you’re experiencing and ask them whether they could give you any advice or if they have any idea where you can find funding. It’s not the first time they’re dealing with such a situation so they can provide a bit of smart advice.

Don’t Forget About the Psychological Side of the Injury

In some cases, the psychological aspect of the injury is worse than the marks it left on your body, and it’s not something you should feel embarrassed about. You might’ve noticed that you started to drink more than you used to since the accident. Maybe you’re not able to sleep well at night due to recurring nightmares, you’re suddenly raising your voice much more, or you’re easily irritable and, as a result, constantly arguing with your partner or children.

In either of these cases, your first step should be making sure that you talk about the symptoms you’re experiencing with a medical professional. If your injury case is in court, you should also inform your lawyer about what’s going on.

It is never too late to seek support, especially if the psychological effects you’re experiencing are starting to affect your mental wellbeing and the relationship with your loved ones. Physical healing is much different than psychological healing, and taking action to get the help you need is vital for long-term recovery.

Final Thoughts

Waiting for the accident compensation can take months or, in some cases, even years. That’s why it’s crucial to find a solution that will allow you to take care of yourself and your family in the meantime. By using a pre-settlement loan, asking your family members to help out, or speaking to people with legal experience, you can ensure that you’ll have the money you need to get through the waiting period until the settlement money comes in.

While money plays a big part in your ability to take care of your needs during this time, it’s also crucial that you don’t neglect your mental health, as people who were in serious accidents often find their overwhelming symptoms. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, and don’t forget to focus on your recovery.


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