Get Wedding Ready With Diet Direct WonderSlim Meals

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Start your day with a live diet!

I started the new year with engagement! After sharing the great news about wedding planning with friends and family, I quickly realized that I had gained a few pounds during the holiday season. I have over a year before my wedding but I wanted to get started!

Me and my new fiancé!

With all that said, here are some of the everyday lifestyle choices I’ve been making lately to get me ready for my big day!

New Workout System

Finding the perfect workout routine that worked for my schedule and my body was a pretty big hurdle. My workout plan was a mixture of cardio on a recumbent stationary bike and strength exercises with an emphasis on major muscle groups.

Fitness trainers usually like to have someone target 12 reps per exercise — sometimes up to 15 — but I’ve found that 10 reps per set (3 times) was the ideal amount personally. Note that you don’t have to overuse sets of each exercise.

2 women exercising on the bridge.  They decide to choose the diet directly.

During the good weeks, I was able to go to the gym five times a week. On the bad weeks, it felt more like two or three days a week.

Always remember that stretching and rest days are important! Both reduce the risk of injury and aid in overall muscle gain. Also, keep a constant check on your heart rate when you enter the gym.

Drink enough water for my body

When it comes to drinking enough water for my body, well, I’ve had a hard time. I’ve gone through countless apps and reusable water bottles to help me keep up with what I need.

In general, most health professionals recommend 11.5 cups of water per day for women and 15.5 cups of water per day for men. Keep in mind that this depends on a number of factors such as:

  • where you live
  • your diet
  • temperature
  • your activity level
  • Your general health
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

To find out how much water you should drink, measure your weight and multiply it by ⅔. If you are active that day, take your answer and add an additional 12 ounces of water every hour.

Woman holding a macbook and a water bottle

In the end, I settled on a bright yellow smart water bottle called CrazyCap. It didn’t remind me to drink, but it disinfects the water with UV rays and makes the water fresher and fresher!

Brochure Pricing Toolkit

Replacing meals with Diet Direct and Wonder Slim products

Many experts agree that losing weight is a numbers game. When cutting back, exercise isn’t nearly as important as what you eat each day.

To make up for that, weight loss is 70% of what you eat, and work out is only 30%. In other words, you can bench press as much as you want, but with a poor diet, you won’t see the full body difference you might hope for, on your wedding day.

Someone who eats a healthy salad

Now, I like to believe I eat fairly well. I love kale, chicken, salmon, broccoli – you name it – but I loved them so much that my portions were way too big, 9 times out of 10.

When I mentioned my dilemma to one of my sisters, I swore to Diet Direct. I was hesitant. I am a big advocate of living a healthy lifestyle on diet. Before I gave up on the idea completely, I decided to do a little research about the company.

What I Found About Diet Direct WonderSlim

Diet Direct takes a different approach when it comes to dieting and weight loss in general. Their philosophy is meal replacement.

Instead of eating high-calorie, large portion and unhealthy meals, portion-controlled meal alternatives help you lose extra weight. And the more meals you replace, the more weight you’ll lose!

Wonderslim direct diet plan highlights

WonderSlim’s food was also packed with protein. This was great because I was also strength training 3-5 times a week!

In case you didn’t know, protein can help build muscle, burn body fat, increase your energy and even ease your cravings!

The thing I also loved about the WonderSlim from Diet Direct was that I was able to eat a lot. In their plan, I would eat every 2-3 hours. This aims to keep your metabolic rate at its peak throughout the day.

I have been sold.

The more you know about Diet Direct’s Wonderslim, the more interested you will become. I decided to sign up for the 4-week Premium Complete plan to get started.

With this plan, I will receive enough food for seven meals a day! And at $1.64 per serving, I didn’t feel bad!

Wonderslim Diet Direct meal type options

Once I chose the type of meal plan I wanted, I was taken to an easy-to-navigate page where I chose the meals, shakes, and desserts I wanted to include.

I was surprised to find out that I was able to choose! I was always under the impression that such plans sent you what they sent to everyone. Not if it uses labs or reservations about it.

But not a diet diet.

Being a huge fan of chocolate my whole life, I was glad there were so many meal replacement options to choose from!

Screenshot of Diet Direct's meal selection page

Was the food actually helpful?

The honest answer is yes. The food was very good! Way better than the styrofoam I expected! And Leagues and Boundaries are better than I would have made for myself, if I’m being completely honest.

Creamy mocha shake with chicken noodle protein soup on the kitchen counter

The food was always quick and easy to prepare. I still have to burn and/or destroy anything (yet)!

The shakes were definitely my favorite meal replacements. I felt like I was cheating on the diet because I was able to get through multiple times in one day. And it was delicious!

Have you ever had a Five Guys milkshake? These shakes were on par with those (except for the whipped cream but I’m lactose intolerant so I shouldn’t take them anyway)!

Whipped mocha and cheddar cheese on the kitchen island

Cheddar crackers and chicken noodle soup came in second and third among my favorite foods!

Any weight loss?

As of now, after two weeks of changes in my lifestyle, I am happy to report that I have lost a few inches here and there. My weight is slowly but surely dropping.

The thing I didn’t realize was that I was feeling so much better on a daily basis. I feel more comfortable when I get up in the morning. More active all day long. On top of that, I don’t feel run down, bloated, or fatigued when I’m finally getting ready to pick up some Zzz’s.

measuring tape on a yellow background

When the buttons start getting closer to my favorite pairs of jeans and I get to live a little more with my upper body during strength training, I can feel my confidence boost. I walk with my head high and my shoulders back.

I feel more in tune with my body today than I have since I was in high school, playing many sports! I missed this feeling more than I realized.

Overall Rating of Diet Direct WonderSlim

These products are different from what I remember from the diet plans of the early 2000s. The food is full and delicious. I’m eating more than ever, but I’m losing weight much faster than I did when I made my own meals.

But it’s not perfect.

After being overweight for about half of my life, I’ve had a few rounds with my health. I have had high blood pressure and problems with my joints due to being overweight.

Heart attacks and diabetes both run in my family – on both sides. So, there are a few things I have to watch out for when eating new and packaged foods. Like how much sodium I eat.

A stethoscope and a variety of pills are placed on a table

Some meals are high in sodium. However, when choosing meals, there are a number of filters you can add when searching for products you wish to have shipped to you.

However, the problem with this is that you cannot use the filter system while choosing the meals you want. So, what I ended up with was opening one page with the low-sodium options with a second page opening to choose the product and add it to my cart.

This is a small issue with their web page setup, but it can be fixed easily. Other than that, I have no real complaint. Some flavors from foods I enjoyed the most, such as the Chocolate Cream Shake, but they were all good.

I did not regret choosing one thing over the other. Instead, I made a note about trying something new next time!

Overall, I was, frankly, a bit shocked, as I enjoyed the meals as much as I have so far! I’m happy with the results I’m already hoping for in the long run and can’t wait to show my wedding (and fiancé) my amazing results!

Choose Diet Direct as a natural alternative to losing weight

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