Free Christmas Clip Art, Holiday Clipart, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah

Christmas clipart and clipart for holidays such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah is easy to find if you know where to look.

Here at Millennial Boss, we’re always looking for a good deal. That’s why free is the best kind of clip art for us. There are many sites out there that offer free Christmas clip art, you just need to know where to find them. Below are some of the ones that I have found.

Free Christmas Clip Art

Below are resources that we found for free clipart. We can’t confirm how this clipart is allowed to be used. Please contact the site owner if you have any questions.

Christians Unit

If you’re looking for religious-themed Christmas clip art, look no further than Christians Unite. In addition to the snowmen, gifts, and ornaments, there are also Annunciation scenes, Mary and baby Jesus clip art, and the Wise Men. You can find all the images here.

Christmas Graphics Plus

The site Christmas Graphics Plus has 143 Christmas clip art graphics including bells, toys, wreaths, and reindeer. If you’re creating a website, you can also browse its collection of animated GIFs. You can find all of the graphics here.

Classroom Clipart

The site Classroom Clipart allows you to download its clip art files for free, however, most of them have a watermark on them, making it difficult to use the image unless you can crop out the watermark or if you don’t mind it.

Classroom Clipart also offers a paid version. The price for personal use is $19.95/year, while the business license is $299/year. With the business license, you’re allowed to use the images in items that you publish or resell. There’s also a library license for $99.95/year and a school district license that has not been priced yet.

Classroom Clipart’s Christmas collection is here.

Clipart Panda

The site Clipart Panda has a collection of clip art that includes ornaments, cartoon Santa Claus, and multiple fun fonts. You can find it here.


The site fg-a has pulled together a collection of gifs, animations, and clip art all for the holiday season. You can find the collection here.

Hellas Multimedia

Hellas Multimedia has a little bit of something for everyone. It has angels, candles, candy canes, snowmen, and more. The site boasts 482 free Christmas clip art graphics. You can find them all at this link here.

Homemade Preschool

The team at Homemade Preschool has created a collection of Merry Christmas clip art. Most of the clip art features the term “Merry Christmas” and it’s done in different fonts and surrounded by different holiday images such as stockings, ornaments, and candy canes. You can find the images here.


HubPages has a small collection of holiday clip art that includes bows, wreaths, and gingerbread people. You can find it here.

Lee Hansen Design

Lee Hansen Design has created a series of free Christmas clip art that you can use again and again. In addition to the usual, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and stockings, there are winter penguins and a collection of page borders that you can use to create a festive holiday newsletter. You can find all the downloadable clip art here.

Philip Martin Clip Art

Phillip Martin’s site has a large collection of clip art for the holidays that includes nativity clip art and templates. You can find it here on the Phillip Martin website.


The site Vecteezy has everything from reindeer to holiday backgrounds to printable holiday tags. Some of the images on this link here are free while others you have to pay for. The trouble is the free ones are mixed in with the pay ones so you’re going to have to click on the ones you like and see if they’re free or cost money.

Prices on Vecteezy are $9/month if you buy the annual subscription or $14/month if you pay monthly. There is no option to purchase just one image at a time.

WP Clip Art

The site WP Clipart has a very large collection of holiday clipart that includes Christmas cards, images of Santa Claus, elves, and gift tags among other things. You can find all the images here.

Free Hanukkah Clip Art

Christmas isn’t the only holiday celebrated around December 25th. During December, people of the Jewish faith celebrate Hanukkah. Below are some sites with royalty-free Hanukkah clip art.

Classroom Clipart

The site Classroom Clipart has a small collection of Hanukkah images here.

Clipart Panda

The team at Clipart Panda has pulled together a collection of Hanukkah images that include some beautiful “Happy Hanukkah” messages. You can find them here.

Public Domain Vectors

The site Public Domain Vectors has a small collection of Hanukkah images. You can find them here.

Web Weaver

Web Weaver has your basic clip art and some animated Hanukkah GIFs for you to choose from. Images include a menorah, dreidel, and the Star of David. You can find them all here.

Free Kwanzaa Clip Art

According to the University of Pennsylvania, Kwanzaa is not something that originated in Africa, but something that originated in America. It is a celebration of life for African-Americans that takes place between December 26 and January 1.

Below are some sites that offer royalty-free Kwanzaa clip art.

Classroom Clipart

The site Classroom Clipart has a very small collection of Kwanzaa clip art. There are only about four images, but they might be just what you need for the project you’re designing. You can find them here.

Clipart Panda

Clipart Panda has a large collection of Kwanzaa images including the seven candles, which represent the seven symbols of Kwanzaa. You can find all of the images here.


The site fg-a has a collection of Kwanzaa clip art that includes some popular sayings for the holiday. What I like about this collection is that it explains what the sayings mean in English so you can use the images for decoration and education. You can find them here.

So What Is Clip Art anyways?

Clip art is sometimes referred to as “clipart” or “clip-art”.

No matter which way you write it, the term clip art refers to images that are hand-drawn or created digitally. Clip art is an illustration, not a stock photo.

You use clip art because, according to Shutterstock, “Sometimes, stock photography isn’t the right choice for the job. Clip art usually offers a more cartoon-like (and therefore, more universal) approach to a subject, whether it’s a policeman blowing a whistle, or a colorful arrow pointing towards future growth.”

Another benefit of choosing clip art over stock photography is that you can place the image in the middle of the text and the text will wrap around the image.

What Do You Use Clip Art For?

Clip art has a variety of purposes and uses. You can use it for websites, posters, calendars, basically anything you want to create.

Is Clip Art Free?

Like stock photos, some clip art is free and some you have to pay for. Many websites will charge you a one-time fee for permission to use the clip art forever. Other websites will allow you to purchase a package with a monthly or annual fee. That package will allow you to use all of the clip art on the website.

As you’re searching for clip art, you also want to figure out if the clip art you’re using is “royalty-free”. Royalty-free means that you can use the image for promotional material, websites, etc. without paying a fee every time you use it.

There are two types of royalty-free clip art. The first can be used freely on anything, even items that you create for sale.

The second can only be used if the project you’re creating is not for resale. You must know what royalty restrictions are on each piece of clip art that you use. If you use an image that’s not royalty free or one that’s not for use in publication, you could run the risk of copyright infringement.

Where can I find Christmas Clipart for Commercial Use?

We recommend Freepik and Canva.

Always be sure to read the terms and conditions of the clip-art you are purchasing to make sure you can use it for your purposes.

Maybe places require that you layer clipart before creating an item for resale.

Other places ban it all together.

You’ll be sure to find something you love in these places.

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