Best Stock Broker Promotions, Bonuses & Deals of Reddit 2022

If you are looking for new investment opportunities or options, check out our most updated list of stock broker promotions, bonuses, and deals such as TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Schwab, Merrill Edge, Fidelity, Capital One Investing, Motif, and many more.

We listed out all the cash bonuses, points & miles promotions, free commission trade deals, and many more. You will find all the terms and conditions with the latest update on the web.

Best Stock Broker Promotions, Deals, & Bonuses

There are several companies out there that will give you free money to invest in stocks or are currently offering stock broker promotions:


Robinhood has commission-free investing for stocks, options, ETFs, crypto, and tools to help shape your financial future. Sign up and get your first stock worth up to $225, free.

Open Account Robinhood Review

Broker Bonus Terms Experiment
Acorns Free $10 Bonus Sign up and download the app None
Acorns $75 Bonus Open Acorns Checking Account, set up Direct Deposit, receive 2 $250+ Deposit None
Ally Invest $0 Minimum Deposit and No Monthly Fees $0 trades, $0.50 per contract None
Ally Invest Up to $3,000 Bonus & Free Trades $2 Million+ Deposit 09/30/2021
Betterment Up to 12 Months Managed Free $500K+ Deposit None
Charles Schwab Up To $500 $1k+ Deposit None
Charles Schwab 500 Commission-Free Trades $100k+ Deposit None
ChoiceTrade $5 base rate plus $0.15 per contact No Minimum initial deposit None
Cobra Trading Free Platform Demo Request a Free Platform Demo None
Coinbase $5 in Bitcoin for signing up and $28 in altcoins learnings $25 Deposit None
Citibank Up to $3,500 $50K + Deposit 12/31/2021
Dough Up To $200 N/A 12/31/2021
E*Trade $0 Commissions for online stock, ETF, & options trades N/A None
Fidelity $100 Bonus $25 monthly deposit for 6 months None
Firstrade Free Stock Referral Open an account using a referral link None
Firstrade $200 Transfer fee rebates Account Transfer of $2,500 or more None
Fundrise $10 in Shares $10 Minimum None
Future Advisor Free Service Sign Up Many services are free to use. Premium service management fee is 0.50% None
Gatsby $0 Commissions $10 Deposit None
Groundfloor $20 Toward First Investment $10 Deposit None
Just2Trade $2.50 Per Trade N/A None
Lightspeed Trading $10,000 Cash Back $25K Minimum None
Public $20 + Up to $500 Fund w/ $10 for 30 days None
M1 Finance Up to $3,125 $10K+ Deposit None
M1 Finance Up to $2,500 $100K+ Deposit None
Merrill Edge Up to $1,000 $200K+ Deposit None
Merrill Edge Up to $600 $200K+ Deposit None
MooMoo Up to $3,350 $100 Deposit None
Motif Investing 3 Free Months N/A None
Motif Investing 30 Stocks For $9.95 No Minimum None
Navy Federal Credit Union $50 IRA Bonuses $50 Minimum Deposit None
Personal Capital $20 Referral bonus Use the referral invitation link None
Popular Community Bank Up to $1,000 Must meet minimum tiers 07/15/2021
Unifimoney Up to $5,000 of Bitcoin $1,000 Minimum Deposit None
Robinhood Free Share of Stock for New Users (Up to $225) No Minimum None
SigFig Up To 10,000 Managed Free $2,000 Opening Deposit None
SogoTrade 100 Free Trades & $100 Transfer Fee Reimbursement $500+ Deposit for free trades. Transfer $10K+ for $100 Reimbursement. None
SoFi Invest $50 bonus $1,000 Deposit None
Tastyworks 100 Shares Worth $1-$6 $2,000 Deposit 09/30/2021
TD Ameritrade $0 Commissions N/A None
TD Ameritrade IRA $0 Commissions N/A None
TradeStation $100 Bonus $500+ None
TradeStation Up To $5,000 $5,000 Deposit None
TradeUP Free Stocks & $50 Bonus $3,000 Deposit and Referral None
UNest Matching Bonus with $25 initial deposit ($25 bonus) $25 Deposit None
Wealthfront $5,000 Managed Free Use the referral invitation link None
Web Up to $1,600 $100 Deposit None
Yieldstreet $50-$500 Bonus $1K-$10K Deposit None Listed
Zacks Trade Low Margin Rates $2,000 Deposit None

Let’s face it. Interest rates on standard savings account are basically zero (less than 1%), so with inflation at 2% the value of your money declines in real terms which means you are actually losing money over the long term by leaving it in your personal savings account .

While it is important to make sure that you have access to cash when needed to pay for unforeseen expenses, you probably don’t want to leave more than 3-6 months of living expenses in your personal savings account at one time. That means that you need to find a way to invest your newly acquired savings.

Hooray for investing!

Life coach, author and investing guru Tony Robbins has stated that the 3 most important investing steps everyone should take are:

  1. Make use of compounding interest as early as possible
  2. Diversify your investments
  3. Automate your investments

When Should You Start Investing?

It’s a common misconception that when people hear about investing they believe that they need “wealth” in order to invest when actually the opposite is true. You don’t need millions of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars in order to begin investing in your future.

The best time to start investing is when you are just starting out with modest savings. The reason for this is the magic of compound interest.

Compound interest is when you earn money on a deposit (a percentage that varies depending on the type of account), and then you earn more interest on that interest from the initial deposit, and then this process continues for 10, 20 or 30 years until your money has greatly increased in value!

Example of Compound Interest: You invest $1000 as an initial deposit into an account that pays a 6% interest rate (slightly lower than the average of the stock market), and then you deposit $300/month (About 10% of $50k/year salary). After 10 years you would have $50k, then $141k after 20 years and $307k after 30 years. And this is even without increasing your savings relative to your rising salary!

The best part is that you can start doing this right now with investment options available to the average person.


And my answer to this question is YES.

And the best part is that you don’t have to buy expensive blue-chip stocks (Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.), a life insurance policy or an expensive rental property to generate this extra income.

All you have to do is deposit your extra savings each month and be patient as time is your best friend.

When you only small deposits from your savings each month, over a 10, 20 or 30 year period you can grow your savings into multiple six figures.

How Do I Invest?

The best way to do this is to get into the stock or bond market early in your life and keep your money there over the long term. Some people might think that there are secrets to timing the stock market, or they are worried about recessions or market downturns, but the single most important factor to growing your savings is getting into the market early and keeping your money there over the long term.

A great way this can be done by the average investor is through index funds. An index fund is designed to track a specific group of investments, often stock or bond markets as a whole, and therefore is less dependent on an individual company, which decreases your risk and diversifies your money. So if the US stock market overall experiences 7% growth per year over a 10 year period, then it is likely that an index fund tracking the US stock market would experience the same growth.

Note: Index funds are a specific type of mutual fund, and all mutual funds are NOT the same.

What Investment Brokers To Use?

If you are interested in buying index funds, Vanguard is a great option as they have extremely low fees (About 0.05% of profits). Or if you are interested in service which will manage the buying and selling of index funds for you and automate the process, Wealthsimple and Acorns are both great options that only charge low fees. All you do is set up an account, choose your risk tolerance and deposit your funds. Their service will automate the rest!

Wrapping it up

Investing shouldn’t be expensive or complicated as it’s so important to start early in order to maximize the value of compound interest. There are plenty of useful investing guides right here on My Millennial Guide, free to use to dive more into the topic of how to start investing in the stock market or you can take a peek at the best stock trading courses.

Hopefully, you have learned a bit about investing and have gained the confidence to get out there and begin investing for yourself!

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