Are You Miss Independent Yet? This Book Launch Has You Covered

Freedom and Wealth are the foundation of Nicole Lapin’s new book, Miss Independent. The LA Girl team joined forces with Nicole to celebrate this launch and examine how wealth can really be created: Hint, the savings in not doing your nails or skipping the latte…right?

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Entrepreneurs, friends, TV family and our Head of Partnerships, Priscilla Presley, gathered at Nicole Labine’s home to celebrate the launch of her new book, Miss Independent. The book we all need to educate us on investing in our future. Freedom was the value celebrated on Sunday and the guests echoed Nicole’s sentiments Voices are not the only thing that speaks in this world, money speaks too…sometimes louder. How can we access this power?


The first book in the seventh series deal (slow clap) To help women become financially liberated and receive the education that no one gets to pass gel pen notes to each other in high school classrooms. Think: Talk to your best friend about using your money to achieve freedom and enjoy the lifestyle you really want. The book includes details on investing, budgeting, emergency funds, and more. Money is about freedom. What would you do if you were rich enough? Guests get to this state of mind, sipping a latte topped with dollar signs and missing out on independent coa coa certification and supporting female vendors like sweet cake confectioners who designed edible books for the occasion.


The celebration was held in her beautiful home in Pacific Plassads. Decorated with a full swing of the play area: The theme of the Sunday brunch was Cash GREEN. Balloons roll down the aisles of doors, an entire mimosa bar was served and white and green flowers were placed on top of thick piles of Miss Independent. Guests enjoyed ocean views, snacks by the private chef, Dusty V and even a touching rooftop word from her fiancé.


Women need to get the information they need to succeed – simply and on purpose. Women’s History Month is next month, so continuing to evolve in boldness and mastery of finances for yourself and others you know is a perfect way to celebrate! Girls are usually told to be careful and save their money, while boys are taught to pursue good jobs and build their fortunes.– Nicole Rabbit. I was talking about “How do you wish you knew more about investing?” Do you constantly wonder what those men in suits or boys with big bank accounts are talking about? …if you want to walk the talk, this is your chance to get started. Grab a copy of Miss Independent and follow Nicole’s journey. I’ve got this.

Photos, courtesy of Alyssa Hunter Photography


Erica de la Cruz is the best-selling writer, Latina mental health advocate and editor-in-chief at The L.A. Girl. She loves affirmations, fashion, all things lovable, travel and experiences that “add happiness”.

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