Are Cross Necklaces Still Relevant to Millennials?

Which religious or decorative cross should you pick for a modern look?

The cross is the most popular piece of jewelry in the world. It has very deep historical roots, and it is the cross that becomes the first piece of jewelry for many Christian people, as it is given to infants during the baptism ceremony. Today, however, it is not only worn by members of a particular religion; many people use it simply as a piece of jewelry, without giving it any religious significance. Another feature of wearing a cross today is that there is no requirement to hide it under clothing, which used to be compulsory. Accordingly, the choice of the cross has become more careful.

Church tradition does not forbid the wearing of crosses with precious stones. Therefore, jewelers today offer this jewelry in a huge variety of designs. The FJewellery online shop offers a huge assortment of golden crosses at affordable prices. You can choose jewelry for women and men of all ages.

Modern crosses are available in several main categories:

  • Catholic crosses. They have a concise design. The shape of the cross is formed by two crossbeams with the figure of Christ. Another variant is the Latin cross, consisting of a long vertical crossbeam and a short horizontal one, without additional decorations (a single stone can be encrusted).
  • Orthodox crosses. They can be 6-, 8-pointed, sometimes trefoil or 4-pointed, drop-shaped. Above the crucifix is ​​a crossbar with the initials JNKJ (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews). The shape of the Orthodox cross is not as important as its image. Patterns, inscriptions and decorative inserts are therefore allowed in it.
  • Decorative crosses. They can be represented by a variety of compositions with painted ornaments, generous inlaying with precious stones, etc.

You can also choose from the shop’s catalog:

  • The golden Ankh cross. This is an ancient Egyptian amulet symbolizing eternal life. It is believed to increase energy and relieve depression. The cross has a powerful sacral power and should be consulted with a knowledgeable person before being used.
  • The Celtic cross. According to legend, it is a symbol of endless life, protects its wearer from negative energy and bestows wisdom. Some believe that this cross chooses its owner. Open this category of the catalog, “your” cross should catch your eye immediately.

A gold cross is a good gift for a loved one. But it should be chosen according to its purpose. A religious cross should not attract too much attention. It is better to choose a product with a refined but concise design. A decorative cross should match the style preferred by the future wearer. The best option for everyday wear is 14-carat gold jewelry without excessive decoration. They are comfortable and retain their visual appeal for a long time.

crosses gold

You can buy a cross without wasting time in the online shop. The catalog makes it easy to choose a suitable model from a photo and compare prices. FJewelery offers jewelry made in its own workshop. You can therefore buy the most exquisite jewelry inexpensively here. In addition to crosses, any other jewelry is available here, and the concierge will select a set of several jewelry items if needed.

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