8 Dating App Red Flags That Make You Swipe Left


If you’ve been single in your 20s or 30s, you’ve definitely tried online dating. From Tinder through Hinge to Bumble, there’s an app for everyone’s taste. If you’ve spent enough time on dating apps, you’ve definitely developed the ‘ick’ for certain things guys (and girls) do. Some of these things can be so off-putting that you immediately swipe left on their profile. Here are eight dating apps red flags that should and definitely will make you swipe left.

1. He doesn’t show his face in any of the pictures.

We all have seen at least one profile with just pictures of the guy’s muscles or even just half of their face. Showing off your physique isn’t forbidden, but don’t base your whole profile on it. It’s impossible to determine if you find something you like about someone without seeing their face. So, unless you’re looking for a body model, swipe left on this guy.

2. He has too many photos with his friends.

It’s OK to include a photo with your friends on a dating app. But if most of his photos are with other guys, that’s a red flag. Now you have to play a guessing game to figure out which one he is. It’s not only frustrating but can make you feel as if his friends would always be third-wheeling you. It’s a hard pass for me.

3. He only has selfies.

Again, we all take selfies, so including them in your profile is normal. But it might be a bad sign if all of his photos are selfies — especially those that only show his head. Online dating is already as vague as it gets, so adding the mystery of if he has all his body parts is just not worth it. It’s incredibly easy to get someone to take a photo of you or even pose for one yourself. Don’t get tricked!

4. He doesn’t have anything in his bio except for a social media handle.

That just shows that he’s not looking for anything serious from his online dating journey. Now, if you’re also looking for something casual, go for it and DM him. But if your goal is something more serious, swipe left. It takes no time to write down a couple of sentences in your bio. So if he’s not willing to do that, just think about the way he’d be in a relationship.

5. He sets ultimatums in his bio.

“If you’re into astrology, don’t match with me.” “For all the height supremacists, this is my height.” We’ve all seen some of these, and let’s be real: There’s nothing cute or funny about it. Most of these guys give off manipulative and controlling energy. While it might not be their intention, there’s no need to swipe right on someone who introduces himself this way.

6. He doesn’t include his age, job, or education.

On dating apps, you’re already given as little information as possible, and you have to make a decision. So, the least we can all do is give potential suitors as much knowledge about us as we can. For obvious reasons, age is very important, but what they studied and what field they work in is important as well.

7. Most of his photos aren’t of him but of things.

Whether it’s photos of fish or cars, there’s always a profile without a photo of a human. For some reason, many people believe that it will get them a date. Well, it won’t. I will never understand the reasoning behind it unless you’re a mafia boss. And if he is, just swipe left…

8. He only has one photo, and… that’s it.

You know the profile I’m talking about. There’s just one photo with no other indications as to who he might be. Unfortunately, one photo isn’t going to tell you who the guy might be. It also won’t help you decide whether you find him attractive or not. Even having just two photos is a step up, and it’s easy to do.

Dating apps and online dating can be incredibly infuriating. There’s a lot you have to consider, whether it’s what you want and how to stay safe. While there’s no such thing as a perfect social media profile, there are definitely ways we can all improve our dating presence online. Do any of these ring true for you? What are your dating apps red flags? Let us know in the comments.

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