5 Things You Can Do If You’re Being Bullied By Your Boss (2022)

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An adult American spends two-thirds of his or her time awake at work. This means that it is an environment in which you will spend hours upon hours of your day. Your work can determine your everyday feelings, financial freedom, and work/life balance, so having one that works for you is crucial.

But what happens when you end up working for someone who hates you and it shows? We’ve collected some tips on how to manage a bully boss so you can get the fun back in your job.

#1: Engage a Professional

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The law firm will assist with any complaint you file against another employee in your business. If you plan to file a formal complaint, it is wise to have an attorney on hand from the start when discussing your situation with any managers in the business. If you are in the Alabama area, check out this great employment attorney in Birmingham Alabama who is highly experienced in winning workplace bullying cases.

#2: Gather evidence

If you are being bullied by your boss and they send you nasty emails, texts or WhatsApp, this is a great way to prove their involvement. Bullying can be more difficult to prove if all communication is verbal, so keep a diary of bullying as it occurs.

If you have any colleagues who may have witnessed incidents of bullying, make a note of their identity so you can ask them to provide their accounts at a later time.

#3: Check in with your teammates

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If your boss does not single you out and treats the entire team poorly, it is important to encourage them to keep a record of your boss’s behavior. That was when you file a formal complaint, you will also have other people to support you.

speak boldly

Sit with a manager or someone higher than the perpetrator in the organization. Let them know what’s going on. It may seem difficult, but until you share your problems, no one else will be able to help.

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You can file a grievance letter with the help of your attorney. Once you’ve written your letter, you can hand it over to senior managers and ask them to discuss. If you work for a medium-sized or large company with HR staff, talk to one of them. Then they can advise you on how to proceed with your complaints.

What if your boss is the owner?

If you have been bullied by a CEO or business owner, review the grievance policy at your workplace. Every company should own one.

If you follow the steps outlined in the official procedure, it will give you a greater defense. Especially when you take legal action where it appears that you acted correctly and appropriately.

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Were you bullied by your boss? Share your story in the comments to help others deal with their situation.

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