5 Mind Traps You Have to Unlearn to Lose Weight and Get the Best Body of Your Life

Begin returning to the object you want between your ears.

Conventional dogma states that losing weight is troublesome. It is believed that we must sacrifice our current way of life at very uncomfortable levels in order to see any possible progress. Moreover, if we don’t progress regularly, we feel like a failure and need either a better plan or more discipline.

It doesn’t help to attach our emotions to eating. Eating is so much fun for many of us. We all have our favorite foods, and indulgences, guilty pleasures, and depriving ourselves of pleasure, as many feel, require extreme self-discipline and sharp focus. We believe that the goal of losing weight should be the process of entering a special state of mind while leaving our old lives behind.

It’s time we try a better way, a more realistic way to lose unwanted weight and live without corruption and massive sacrifices. Your best body is not a special project that requires massive transformations. It should be a sound and realistic plan that fits your lifestyle.

Select your reason

The first step is always a mental step. We must define why we have it. Why do we want to lose body fat in the first place? Is it to look better, feel better, healthier, or a combination of both? Write the reason for this, make it personal, and give it plenty of detail.

For example, if your goal is to feel better and feel better, it might look like this:

“I want to lose 15 pounds of unwanted fat because I want to feel better and healthier for my wife so we can enjoy the holidays and travel and hike more often.”

By being specific (lose 15 pounds) and personality (family/husband) you will carry more weight and importance.

Mind Traps

The next step is to do some mental cleaning. We all have strong beliefs when it comes to healthy eating for weight loss. Our minds quickly turn toward negative Nancy and we’re in danger of failing before we even walk out of the starting gates.

Here are five of those mental traps we find ourselves in. Negative views subconsciously sabotage our best efforts. But fear not, we can turn each one in our favor and put together a realistic and ultimately successful business plan.

Beware the perfect plan

As mentioned earlier, we somehow believe that our plan should not only be perfect, but also perfectly executed. Any deviation is considered a complete failure. We raise our hands and randomly plan to start over on an obscure future date.

turn it over: Instead of thinking about your entire plan from start to finish, focus on the beginning and keep it small. Ask yourself what is one or two things that you can do this week that do not require much effort and can be easily played? Do you cut back on sugary drinks most days, cut back on an unhealthy mid-morning snack, or maybe switch to more water throughout the day?

When you focus on the little habits on a weekly basis, you’ll quickly notice that all of these little actions build up over time and build a real regimen that you can tolerate without using the word “perfect.”

false effect

To say that the fitness industry has evolved over the past five years or so is an understatement. Social media has changed the game for the better and for the worse. On the one hand, it brought people together like never before. On the other hand, every snake oil seller is given a pulpit for making false promises and promoting powders, pills, and plans.

By all means, if you’re following someone on social media who gives you inspiration and motivation in a healthy, purposeful, responsible way to relate to, go for it. But completely stay away from those who seem very unrealistic and always make their feeds about them and not their audience. Even worse, if you feel under On yourself after seeing their posts, why keep them?

turn it over: Clean up social media. Either delete some accounts that don’t add anything to your life and/or get rid of your feeds of classic “influencers” who are only looking for likes and your money. I’m looking at you shreddedboi2020.

man showing off

linear progress

The human body is an amazing thing. His ability to function, recover and adapt is second to none. We have 24/7 systems for our well-being, but one thing we need to keep in the forefront of our minds, especially when it comes to losing weight, is that we are not machines.

When we start a weight loss diet, we expect to lose x how many pounds per week or per month. With this machine mindset firmly in place, we believe that if we don’t hit these goals every week or month, we’re failing. We’ve counted the numbers, done our math, and followed the plan to T. So what’s going on?

turn it over: A machine we’re not into, and the thought of that would only lead to frustration. Our lives ebb and flow. Stress, family and work commitments, and unexpected love life circumstances can easily make things more complicated. Instead of falsely hoping for linear progression, take a more organic approach.

Progress is not linear

If you are losing weight and then suddenly stabilize, don’t despair. Look at the big picture. One week you might not lose an ounce, but the next week you might lose three or four pounds. As long as you make progress over the long term is what really matters.


We live in a time when crowding is the new norm. If you don’t “kill” it or #crush it it won’t work. When it comes to concepts of dieting, it’s no different. We feel that we need to suffer, constantly feel hungry, uneasy, and deprive ourselves of our favorite things. If we are not, we can forget him. We didn’t try hard enough.

turn it over: If your goal is to lose some weight, feel better, and live a healthy life, you’ll need something that you can live with, and that fits into your lifestyle. “Killing him” every day will only lead to boredom, vulgarity and exhaustion. As mentioned earlier, take it one step at a time, develop small weekly habits, and do the things that fit your lifestyle. You are not a Marine and you do not need to be.

Make the diet fit your life instead of trying to adapt your life to an unrealistic diet

hermit life

Finally, when we get into weight-loss mode, we feel almost obligated to ostracize ourselves from society. We turn down invitations to go to restaurants, spontaneous outings with friends, and try new things out of fear that they will somehow spoil our perfect fragile plan. We should stay close to home, eat our ready-made meals, and avoid risking anything that threatens us.

turn it over: Again, think organically and be flexible. Don’t turn into an antisocial hermit chained to your tyrannical diet until you never see the light of day again. Be smart and know your limits. When you go out, choose healthier options, smaller portion sizes, and when you splurge, do so conservatively. Avoid overeating by eating slowly and enjoying the food you love. Make the diet fit your life instead of trying to fit your life into an unrealistic diet.

A new starting line to live with

The goal shouldn’t be to fix your life just to lose a few pounds. Our bodies function well under moderate shifts versus massive changes that potentially turn our daily lives upside down. Be flexible in your plan, do not follow influencers with ulterior motives, be patient with progress, do not be hard on yourself, and live your life the way you want. Sometimes getting the body you want takes a little removal.

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